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A dating site which is internationally known. It is an American-based dating service. The service is not only limited to online dating but provides online friendships and social networking as well. The site allows you to answer some multiple choice questions to find you a match. In 2011 IAC’s acquired this dating site just like it has the other ones in its name. As of the records of 2010, OkCupid had 3.5 million users. By 2011 it attracted 1.3 million more users towards itself.

The ad-free feature is only for those who are paid, customers. Instant messaging, chatting and emails is supported by the site for communication. You need to have a membership to have access to the site. The growing number of users led the site to introduce various other features such as the blind date and ad-free accounts.

To find a match for a user the site applies the questions answered and the details that the user provides them. The site also lets you know if you receive high ratings and this will result in you being able to see more attractive people in your match lists.

OkCupid Customer Service

OkCupid Customer Service allows its users to contact them in need. There are various ways to contact OkCupid Customer Service for your questions. Through any social media platform, you can connect with them. You can mail them your problem at their address, IAC, 555 West 18th Street, New York, New York 10011, United States. This process will be time-consuming.

OkCupid Customer Service provides you with detailed instructions on how to start by creating your profile. In any case, whenever you feel troubled with any step, OkCupid Customer Service is available to help you. You’ll be provided with desired solutions in an easily understandable manner.

Questions one faces while accessing the account

Even after the easy and detailed descriptions you ever feel stuck at something you can without hesitating contact OkCupid Customer Service. The team at the help desk will be happy to help you with any concern of yours.

  1.    Billing issue
  2.    Creating a profile
  3.    Trouble accessing your account
  4.    Corporate inquiries
  5.    Sending and receiving messages
  6.    Emails settings and sign-in troubles
  7.    Hacking and blocking
  8.    Paid features
  9.    Privacy control
  10.    Requesting refund
  11.    Reporting profiles

It is a fast-growing site for online dating and OkCupid Customer Service does its best to deliver satisfying answers to your questions. You can contact OkCupid Customer Service in any problem that you face while accessing your profile. The team will make you walk through it with satisfaction. For any confusion in any process or step, you can contact OkCupid Customer Service on their website and can also mail them your question.