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Premium Customer Service 24 x 7 Available here

+1888-254-9656 KuCoin Customer Service solves all your queries related to the KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange. Currently, a lot of cryptocurrency exchanges are providing its services. Due to the complexities, a person with an experience can also make mistakes while operating the cryptocurrency exchanges. Experts at KuCoin Customer Service have all the knowledge regarding all the procedures associated with KuCoin. They will provide you with all the valuable support and guidance required.


Cryptocurrency exchange which is operated from Hong Kong. It has one of the best Application Programming Interface in the world. It also has its own cryptocurrency which is known as “KuCoin Shares.” The users holding the KuCoin Shares also get exclusive promotions and rewards from the exchange. Furthermore, the exchange has an impressive cryptocurrency trading pairs which are more than 300 in number.

+1888-254-9656 KuCoin Customer Service

If you are facing any trouble regarding the use of KuCoin Exchange, you can contact the KuCoin Customer Service. Our skilled professionals will help you out with every issue related to KuCoin. You may have queries ranging from account login issues to making a trade on KuCoin. Sometimes an issue may arise due to a software update. But you need not to worry as technicians at KuCoin Customer Service keep themselves up to date. They have all the information about all the advancements that are happening on the KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange. In case you have any issue related to the use of KuCoin, you can contact on the KuCoin Customer Service Toll-free number+1888-254-9656 .

Issues faced by KuCoin Users

You may have some hindrances while using the KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange. Some of the commonly faced issues for which we can provide you solution are:

 Registration (Sign up)

If you are a new user, you may not have the knowledge about the process of registration on KuCoin network. You may make the errors like entering the wrong characters for the password, username that

might be already taken, and so on. We can provide the solution for all the issues which comes during the registration.

 Login

You may face a problem while logging in to your account. It can be due to forgetting your password or due to any website issue. Experts at KuCoin Customer Service will provide you all the information so that you can resolve the problem.

 Withdrawal on KuCoin

If you are using the KuCoin for the first time then you might face some problem while withdrawing. Or you might know how to withdraw the money from the wallet. This type of problem can be easily resolved here.

 Trade

You might not be clear with the trading procedure that is buying and selling on KuCoin. The technicians at KuCoin Customer Service have all the knowledge about KuCoin trading. They will tell you the correct and most efficient method to trade on KuCoin.

 Two-factor authentication

Google two-factor authentication is very important for security reasons. There is a step by step
procedure to bind and unbind Google two-factor authentication. These are not the problem that you will be having while operating the Kucoin.

  • Problems related to missing rewards and promotions.
  • Issues related to the use of a mobile application.
  • Account hacking issues.
  • Problems related to KuCoin Referral Bonus Program.

All these issues can be addressed and resolved by the experts as soon as possible. All you have to do is
call KuCoin Customer Service.