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Premium Customer Service 24 x 7 Available here

Google pay has an efficient customer support service,  matching to the standards of Google. It has laid out a very easy process that consumes very less amount of time for the users to get their issue fixed. Google Pay has an elaborate grievance redressal procedure which mainly consists of two steps.

• The first one is The “Help” section on the website or the application. This section consists of frequently asked questions by the users on a regular basis. The customer support team of Google has answered them clearly so that it becomes easy for the users to resolve any dispute comfortably without any hassle.

• The second one is that the users have a provision on the application to “Raise a Dispute” wherein a particular transaction can be brought to the notice of the technical support team which goes through it and resolves the issue at the earliest. This step of customer support takes time as they conduct relevant research before coming out with the solution. However irrespective of the complication in the issue, the customer support team of Google aims and strives to provide its vast customer base with fuss-free experience.

Issues faced by the customers regularly: –

  • How to create an account?
  • Issues while adding account details.
  • How to conduct transactions?
  • Payment issues.
  • How does Payback work?
  • Problems while managing personal information.
  • Security issues.
  • Phone number verifications issues.
  • Problems while linking E-mail id.
  • Issues while receiving rewards.
  • Editing personal information including bank account details.
  • How to request for bank statements?
  • Issues regarding failed transactions.

1888-254-9731 Google Pay Customer Service

Google Pay, an arm of Google is a digital payment platform. It enables users to send or receive money from their Android phones and watches. Google wallet’s tagline “a new shape of money” clearly explains the current perception towards digital transaction of currency. The peer-to-peer money payment servicing platform has trustworthy security standards.

The application downloaded from Google play store for all the android phones. The speed with which money transactions take place through Google pay and its security standards are unprecedented. Considering the customer base Google handles and traffic on the application, it has come up with easy to use customer support service platform. The customer support team of Google has the capacity to handle thousands of disputes raised by the users at a time. They can get issues resolved without creating any fuss for the customers irrespective of the amount of traffic present on the application. Thus Google wallet is nothing short of a bank in a pocket. The efficient customer support service team makes the experience even better.