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Premium Customer Service 24 x 7 Available here

They are one of the most prominent anti-malware application developers with millions of users across the world. It makes anti-virus applications for both phones and computers. It offers a free trial for a few days and also has premium packages.

The application is available on play store for android phones and on apple play store for iOS phones. It has been around for almost three decades in the business.

With its users at every corner of the world, the company needs to maintain a steel frame like customer service team to resolve various issues the users face on a daily basis.

Avast Customer Service

Avast has rolled out a comfortable customer service model. The support team works round the clock to provide fuss-free troubleshooting methods to the users. It has various ways in which the users can seek help and place customer support request.

• The first step is the user needs to take is to browse through the website as it has complete information as to how a user can go about with operating procedure of the application after installing it in the system or phone. This section clearly explains various methods of basic problem solving and general issues faced by the customers.

Once the user goes through the section on the website most of the issues get resolved if not all. provided in this section of the website which directs the user once the question is posted to the relevant solution on the website.

• There is another section on the website wherein the user is asked to fill in the details of the transaction and problems faced while operating the application. Once the information is given to the support team of Avast they take some time to go through the complaint and conduct proper research to come up with a solution.

• If this step also suffices the user advised to reach out to the technical support team of the Customer support service department of Avast and consult the customer care executive and directly get the issue resolved.

Some of the problems faced by the users: –

1. Issues with a free trial.
2. Issues with payments.
3. Request for refund
4. Software updates issues.
5. Warranty issues.
6. Problems while operating the application.

Apart from all many more queries answered on the website and more serious problems dealt with by the customer support team of Avast. Thus the users advised to go through the entire website for troubleshooting instead of surfing the internet for the same.