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Premium Customer Service 24 x 7 Available here

Customers can choose to call on Amazon Prime Customer Service Number. The number is toll-free and is available all the time. Calling the Amazon Prime executives is the most convenient way to instant resolutions to problems and queries. The Customer Support number is completely toll-free and is available 27/7, all days of the week. No matter what kind of Amazon is the world’s leading online delivery website.

It delivers the products at the doorsteps of the buyer. It delivers all kinds of products including groceries, dairy products, cosmetics, personal care, health products and supplements, grooming, mobile phones, laptops, hardware products and many more are available on Amazon.

Amazon Prime Phone Number

Amazon is free for all the users. The service of Amazon Prime is also available for the customers. The customers have to buy the prime membership annually to enjoy additional services like fastest delivery, delivery of products within one day, special and additional discounts, etc. For the assistance and convenience of our customers, we have the Amazon Prime Customer Service. The Amazon Prime Customer Service Number is available 24/7, at any day.

No matter what kind of troubles you are facing with Amazon, we guarantee that by calling at Amazon Prime Customer Service Number, you will get all the solutions. We guarantee to provide satisfactory solutions to all our customers.

You can write an email from your registered email id with Amazon and mention your troubles. The customer support team will solve your troubles your at the soonest. Live chat support is also available. You can chat with the executives at any time. They will solve all your troubles with Amazon prime services. The best way is by calling them. The Amazon prime customer service number is active to take your calls at any time.

Amazon Prime Phone Number

Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Prime Music is full of millions of songs in various languages like English, Hindi, and many others. The songs here are free for all the Prime users. The users can also save and download the songs offline and listen to them anytime and anywhere for free, multiple numbers of times. The songs are in amazing high-quality audio. Amazon Prime Music users can listen to over 2 million songs in various languages. The songs are played without any buffering or pop-up ads or videos. You can also contact Amazon Prime Phone Number If you found any issues related to your account.

The songs are set up in various categories such as language, genre, latest songs, etc. The users have access to unlimited songs. Users can save their favorite songs in the library and also make their own customized playlists. All these services are available in Amazon Prime Subscription.

Amazon Prime Videos

Amazon Prime Videos are free for all the Prime users. Amazon Prime Videos are all available to download on all IOS and Android smartphones, tablets, PCs, Amazon devices, etc. Many videos are available in multiple languages including regional languages of the countries. The users can also download the videos offline and watch them later without paying any charges. The videos are available in good audio quality and HD video quality. The audio and video quality can be changed from the settings. Amazon Prime Video facility is available only for Amazon Prime members.

Amazon Prime Reading

Prime members have access to an unlimited number of books and magazines on Amazon Kindle. Amazon Prime users can choose and read from millions of books and magazines categorized as per their type on Amazon Kindle.

Amazon Prime Pantry

Amazon Pantry is the first website or service that delivers pantry boxes to the customer’s houses. Prime members can get the delivery of pantry boxes at their houses, any day of the week. Only Amazon Prime users can deliver from Amazon Prime Pantry.

Amazon Prime Now

Amazon Prime Now was launched by Amazon in December 2014. This service allows all the Prime members living in certain states of the US to get the delivery of their products just in one or two hours. The service started in just two states, Manhattan and New York. But it has now it delivers products in less than two hours to many other states.

Benefits of Amazon Prime Membership

Because it is a paid membership, Amazon gives its Prime members many remarkable benefits that make the price worth.
Free Delivery within the Same Day- Prime members get their orders delivered within the same day that the day they placed. Some cities also have the benefit of the products being delivered within two hours. These facilities are free for all the Amazon Prime members and only Amazon Prime Members have access to these facilities.

Amazon Prime Rewards

Amazon also gives cash backs and reward points to the Amazon Prime members. There are a special Amazon Prime rewards Visa Signature Cards for the Prime members by which the Prime members can get maximum discounts and cash backs on their orders.

Amazon Prime Video

The users have access to the latest released movies, videos, TV shows and Amazon Prime Videos as soon as they are available online for free. The Amazon Prime Video app is free to download on all devices.

Amazon Music

Prime users can listen to unlimited songs from anywhere in the world. They can listen to all the latest songs without paying any charges.

Prime Photos

Prime users can store an unlimited number of photos on the Amazon Cloud Drive on their smartphones. Only Prime users have access to this benefit.

Amazon Kindle

Prime users can read any book an unlimited number of times. Amazon Kindle is a free app on all the smartphones, tablets and iPads. The books can also be downloaded and read offline anytime.

Contact on the Amazon Customer Service Number for any doubts or queries.